Pocket Pixels Inc. Privacy Policy

Pocket Pixels Inc. recognizes that its users value their privacy, and we value it too. In particular, we claim no ownership over your photos before, during or after editing, and your photos are never sent to Pocket Pixels Inc.'s servers. We never see them, and it is entirely up to you what to do with them.

We may periodically collect non-personally-identifying information such as the type of device, iOS version and anonymous usage data. It is important for us to have access to this information to make decisions about maintenance, support and future development plans. We may also collect this information in response to crashes in the app, to help us debug and fix these problems.

Third Party Services

Our apps allow you to interact with third-party social networking services such as Facebook®, Twitter® and Flickr®. Logging into such a site is always in response to user-initiated action (such as selecting a "login" button) which directs you to an authentication process under the control of the service in question. Any personally-identifiable information is shared between your device and the service only. Under no circumstances do we send user names, passwords, photos or any other personally-identifying information to our servers or to any other parties.

For performance reasons, data such as your user names, profile pictures and thumbnail images of your photos may be temporarily cached on your device. Other apps do not have access to this data.

We have no control over the privacy policies of third-party services. We encourage you to read their privacy policies or statements.

Newsletter Subscriptions

If you choose to subscribe to our email newsletter from inside one of our apps, we will receive and store your email address, as well as the name of the app that you subscribed from and the type of device you subscribed from (iPad or iPhone). We collect this additional information in order to be able to send some emails only to subscribers who use a particular app or device.

We use the Mailchimp service to manage our mailing list and send out our newsletter. Therefore Mailchimp's privacy policy applies as well.

Neither we nor Mailchimp will share your email address (or the additional information mentioned above) with others (except where required by law).

Effective Date

This privacy policy was last modified September 15, 2015.