1. BulletAn in-app tutorial video will get you started quickly.

  2. Load photos from your iPhone/iPad or download images from Facebook, Flickr or Instagram.

  3. Email your edited image or share it on Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.

  4. Image adjustment sliders allow you to fine-tune brightness, contrast, saturation and more. You can also sepia-tone the black and white parts of your photos.  (iPhone only, iPad coming soon)

  5. An alternative view mode shows regions that will remain in color tinted in red to make it easier to see and adjust the boundaries between color and black & white regions.

  6. Choose from 4 different brushes (hard or soft edged, opaque or transparent) and adjust the brush size.

  7. Save multiple sessions to resume your work later.

  8. Undo any number of accidental brush strokes.

Color Splash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking images.

Thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface, Color Splash is super easy and fun to use. You simply use your finger as a brush to remove or bring back the original color from regions of your image. Using a two finger pinching gesture you can quickly zoom in and out in order to work on fine details or larger areas.

Color Splash

Color Splash

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Color Splash


  1. ”This neat photo editing application lets you selectively highlight areas of your photos with color. It produces such nice results with so little effort that you may actually find yourself putting photos onto your iPhone just to use it!” 148Apps

  2. “I'm continually amazed at the high end functionality being displayed by various photo apps for the iPhone/iPod touch. [...]
    A good example is ColorSplash a $1.99US app that brings some of the sophisticated controls you'd find in Photoshop right onto the iPhone.”
    The unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

  3. ”ColorSplash is an app that allows you to make some very dramatic changes to your photos for its $1.99 price tag. The software uses a process called desaturation to convert your photos to black and white while letting you leave behind color in select details. The results are stunning.[...] ColorSplash is easy, fun and provides amazing image results.” CNET Reviews

  4. ”The best thing about ColorSplash is its ability to save the photos in full resolution so that they simply look stunning once you view them on your desktop. It is amazing how you can take a bland photo and make it look interesting by playing around with ColorSplash. It is easy to learn, highly intuitive and allows for photo editing in the iPhone.” MacWorld Canada

  5. “This is a great app, that is well worth £1.19 ($1.99), and for anyone wanting to produce colorized photos directly on their iPhone, is a must have.” iPhoneography.com

  6. ”ColorSplash is one of the increasing number of surprisingly capable photo manipulation iPhone apps available in the App Store. Like its counterparts, ColorSplash doesn't try to be a one-stop shop. Instead it focuses on one particular function - selective desaturation. [...] ColorSplash is a fun and addictive way to view photos in your iPhone in a different light.” Good Gear Guide

  7. ”When initially approaching this app I had my doubts that it would be effective on portable hardware, particularly given my lack of patience and finger-finesse. ColorSplash proved me wrong. I came across no bugs, crashes or inconveniences while manipulating photos and I genuinely enjoyed every moment. I think you will too.” TouchMyApps

  8. ”Selective desaturation—converting a photo to black-and-white while leaving the color of one part of the photo untouched—can really draw attention to a photograph. ColorSplash brings that image-editing capability to the iPhone and iPod touch with eye-catching results.” Macworld’s iPhone Central

  9. Bullet”This app is by far my favorite Photography app hands down. From the time I downloaded it to my iPhone to begin testing for this review I have taken 213 picture just to play with in this app. [...] I give this app an A+ I really enjoyed it and highly recommend to all ages.” iTune App Reviews

  10. Bullet”If you’re looking for a cool photo app or want to give your photos a nice touch, for $1.99 this is a great buy. I would recommend ColorSplash!” iPhone Rantz

  11. Bullet”Tonight we call your attention to a wonderfully whimsical app called ColorSplash, for two reasons. First, it’s an amazingly powerful tool that, for $2, gives anyone the ability to transform their snapshots into arresting images in a way that Madison Avenue has long paid professional photographers and creative directors big bucks to do. [...]” Cult of Mac

  12. Bullet”Simple, fun to use, with the ability to produce reasonably impressive results, ColorSplash is a neat little image manipulation app [...].” Pocket Picks

  13. Bullet”Sometimes an app comes along that makes you have hope for the App Store. [...] For me, of late, one of these great hopes is ColorSplash.” About Apps

  14. Bullet”Oh ColorSplash, by far one of our all time favorite apps. [...] It's just made to work, which is such a rarity in most iPhone apps these days (jeez, I'm an old-timer). $1.99 in the App Store and so worth it.” Zack and Vince’s iPhone Reviews

Color Splash for iPad

Color Splash for  iPad

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Selected by Apple for the App Store Hall of Fame